Did you know that more than 30% of the retail sales volume is produced through online channels? And that the trend is that this number will grow every year? This means there is an immediate need for adaptation and also a great opportunity of increasing the sales for retail digital marketing. The new hyper-connected client is more informed than ever and perceives your brand as the only channel. For this reason you have to ensure that your fingerprint is as wide as possible. At MapleSage we specialize in working with contemporary brands retailers and distributors helping them create omni-channel retail marketing strategies with which you will be able to engage clients and win new sales opportunities. 

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Fashion and Accessories Retailers & Wholesalers
Fashion marketing directs to a target which consistently uses more showrooming and webrooming, using internet as part of the shopping process. Don’t miss these opportunities in the digital channel.
At MapleSage we help you reach your customers through a fashion retail marketing strategy which will strengthen your brand. We attract them with attractive contents- photography and video marketing in social networks are a must- and our end goal is to overcome consumer insecurity with remarketing campaigns.
We optimize your e-commerce platform in order to ensure that your visitors will become clients.

maplesage retail solutions

Beauty and Cosmetics

maplesage retail digital marketing solutions

In order to differentiate your beauty and cosmetics brand, you have to personalize your strategy depending on whether it is a low or high profile product and whether you are aiming at a young or more mature target.
Give your brand visibility. Segment your users in order to impact your real potential clients. Create tailored fit actions and achieve more sales.
Apart from all the basic actions of the whole retail marketing strategy, at MapleSage, we work on blogging and social network strategies with influencers who act as loudspeakers for your services, reaching your target market through inspirational feelings.
Connected Homes & Industries
If you dedicate yourself to home technology, digital channel offers a good opportunity to make your sales grow even more.
Small household appliances, large appliances, new technologies and telecommunications should strengthen their brands, be more visible and position as references in order to not miss a single online sales opportunity. With a focus on optimizing your brand’s digital ecosystem retail marketing plan , besides offering an excellent and multi-channel user experience, you will gain visibility and positioning. For this kind of company, at MapleSage we always keep in mind the online advertising campaigns and remarketing within our strategies.


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