Whatever the reason for your travel might be, business or leisure, it starts long before you board the plane. It starts when you start exploring prices, offers, and packages. If you are in the travel business and your offers are not visible at this moment, then you need to change your marketing strategy. 

At MapleSage we use market intelligence tools to connect with your target audiences at the time of their need, in the precise moment in which they looking for information, be it for business or leisure; and we use the best fidelity strategies to improve the long term value of each customer through our marketing strategies.

Visits to digital assets
Lead acquisition
Opportunities won
Conversion rate
Return on Investment
Hotel Marketing

The users plan their holidays on the internet, and this includes accommodation booking.

In a competitive market like hotels, it is fundamental to quickly adapt to the technological advances to get the most out of the tourism marketing in the digital ecosystem and differentiate from your competitors.

Use SEO positioning and content marketing in order to gain positioning and visibility; it offers you a unique user experience in your booking channel, and invests in online segmented advertising to reach your target market and increase the bookings.

At MapleSage we have a multidisciplinary team, able to deal with all these tasks. Are you ready to optimize your engaging model, increase conversion and consolidate customer loyalty?


Timeshare and Apartment Bookings

timeshare and apartment bookings

If your business model is based on apartment booking or time share, start maximizing your results through an intelligent booking platform which will help you increase the conversion ratio of your online channel.

At MapleSage, beyond the technological platform, we help you create a tourism marketing model which will allow you to communicate your services and increase your bookings.

In a recurring sector such as tourism, start to build long lasting relationships with your customers and position yourself as the best alternative season after season.


Flights, accommodations, restoration, leisure…the tourism is a multi billion $ industry. And 8 out of 10 customers shop online for their business and leisure purchases.

If you are struggling with you travel businesses web store or looking to relaunch your digital front then MapleSage will be happy to partner with you, we love to partner with companies that are ready to dive in and reap the rewards of digital economy.

We’ve put together a team of experts in design, technology, and marketing, so you can focus on the things that uniquely differentiate your business and leave the rest to us.


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Inbound marketing replaces interruptive, outbound forms of communication with content-driven strategies that help you to attract, convert, close and delight modern B2B buyers. In this guide, we take a close look at how B2B is helping B2B companies like your convert leads into customers and more. 

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