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The ultimate tool to rock your wholesale game

Drag-and-drop templates

360º images and videos 

Desktop & mobile compatible

Public & private views

Shoppable lookbooks

Collection & product highlights


Shareable link & QR code

Integrated shopping


Multi page layout 


Digital whiteboard



Selling Globally, Selling Smart

Open up your collection to buyers worldwide, anytime, anywhere. Say goodbye to borders and hello to endless possibilities.

Let buyers order freely, whether they're at their desk, in a showroom, or on the move. Embrace digital wholesaling to expand your reach and make your mark on the global retail scene.

Shopping Just Got Easier

Step up your retailer partnerships with seamless order transactions and stronger connections

Easily link your virtual showroom to digital linesheets for a stress-free shopping experience

Craft personalized shoppable e-lookbooks and interactive styleboards for your buyers, making it simpler to visualize and secure orders faster


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Spice up those face-to-face meetings!

  • With MapleSage’s nifty iPad app, buyers can place orders right then and there while getting a firsthand look at your awesome collection, making sure you seal the deal.
  • All the tools you need to rock those appointments are at your fingertips – from curating assortments, picking out products, to jotting down notes. Plus, changes get saved when you're online, so your orders smoothly transition from mobile to desktop.

Reporting & Analytics

Our Reporting and Analytics solution delivers unmatched insights and analytics into your brand's wholesale achievements, consumer preferences, and evolving market dynamics.

  • Harness the power of aggregated order information to pinpoint the most popular styles, regions, and customers, fueling your business's expansion.
  • Create tailored sales, production, and style reports effortlessly with a few simple clicks.
  • Achieve your sales goals by seamlessly generating allocation and budget reports for every order.


Discover how MapleSage is about to shake up the way you showcase your brand.


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