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Market your products worldwide using MapleSage.

Order processing

Inventory management


Retailer reorder management

In-platform payments

Order and sales reports

Financial rollups

Pricing and discounts 

ERP & API integrations

​​Customer record management

Secure user permissions


Intuitive Shopping Experience 10

Centralized Order Management

Streamline your order management on MapleSage. Serve a diverse range of buyers, from boutique retailers to major department stores, by providing tailored customization options that meet their unique requirements.

  • View orders in a single centralized hub, organized by status: drafts, pending, and approved.
  • Customize product selection and pricing, provide volume discounts, and collaborate on terms for each order—opportunities to cater to the individual needs of every retailer.

Reduced Time Spent on Manual Tasks


Both sellers and buyers can enjoy immediate access to orders and changes, encouraging open and cooperative partnerships.
  • Make changes to orders in real-time, streamlining the process and removing the need for manual spreadsheets, endless email chains, and phone calls.
  • Easily approve buyer-created orders with just a few clicks, significantly cutting down the time spent on order creation from days to mere seconds.

Intuitive Shopping Experience 11

Insightful Analysis and Reports

Ensure the longevity of your business with advanced reporting and valuable insights.

  • Easily access the financial summary of orders, aiding in the assessment of sales performance and efficient budget allocation.
  • Utilize consolidated order data to pinpoint best-selling styles, regions, and customers, strategize future collections, and strategically expand your business.

Reporting & Analytics

Our Reporting and Analytics solution delivers unmatched insights and analytics into your brand's wholesale achievements, consumer preferences, and evolving market dynamics.

  • Harness the power of aggregated order information to pinpoint the most popular styles, regions, and customers, fueling your business's expansion.
  • Create tailored sales, production, and style reports effortlessly with a few simple clicks.
  • Achieve your sales goals by seamlessly generating allocation and budget reports for every order.


Unlock Seamless Wholesale Operations with MapleSage's Powerful B2B Order Management System.

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