RoI Acceleration Roadmap (AR)

Hubspot Onboarding and Implementation Services

This 10-week program follows our proven system for accelerating revenue growth for new HubSpotters.

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The HubSpot Difference

In a sea of countless business software options, finding the perfect fit for your business can be a daunting task. It's crucial to anticipate future growth and ensure that your software tools can keep up. This is where HubSpot truly shines, setting itself apart from the rest.
Unleash the Full Potential of Your HubSpot Platform

Why Should You Sign Up for the RoI Acceleration Roadmap (AR)?

Unlock the Power of HubSpot with Seamless Onboarding and Implementation

blob-icon--roiMaximize Your Investment in HubSpot - Maximize the value of your HubSpot investment by configuring all your tools to align with your existing processes.

blob-icon--time-lblueGain Quick Results Within 10 Weeks - Your dedicated revenue team is dedicated to achieving significant successes based on your goals within a short timeframe of just 10 weeks.

blob-icon--repeatEstablish Repeatable Processes for Your Business - The strategies we develop together can be implemented and replicated by your internal team once the program is completed.
rocket iconFuture-Proof Your Business - Repeatable processes and a well-implemented HubSpot setup drive consistent success in delivering value and delighting customers at every touchpoint.
playbook iconFree Six-Month Strategy At the End - Upon completion of the program, your revenue team will develop a robust six-month strategy, empowering you to forge ahead confidently.


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Pay As You Go

For teams that need additional security, control, and support.

  • $ 1000
  • $ 2000
  • $ 1000


Pay as You Go

Weeks 1-3: Preparation

Total Time Commitment: 3 Hours

  • Kickoff call: 1 hr

  • Send information for setup: 1 hr

  • Final review of account setup: 1 hr

Weeks 1-3: Preparation

Initiatives to Tackle

  • Kickoff call with your revenue team
  • Goal setting and strategy development
  • Technical setup of HubSpot account

icon--pinpoint-white-1 Week 3 Destination

The finalized technical setup for your HubSpot account.


Weeks 4-8: Execution

Total Time Commitment: 3 Hours

  • SLA development: 1 hr
  • Strategy review: 1 hr
  • Hub setup consultation: 1 hr

Weeks 4-8: Execution

Initiatives to Tackle

  • Strategic alignment with all your teams
  • Big win identification and achievement 
  • Customized setup of your Hubs

icon--pinpoint-white Week 8 Destination

Full company alignment and first win success.


Weeks 9-10: Assessment

Total Time Commitment: 3 Hours

  • Reporting consultation call: 1 hr
  • Reporting schedule review: 1 hr
  • Revenue planning consultation: 1 hr

Weeks 9-10: Assessment

Initiatives to Tackle

  • Reporting dashboard customization
  • Reporting schedule established for all teams
  • Portal audit and future revenue planning
icon--pinpoint-white-1 Week 10 Destination

Establishing a reporting schedule and optimizing strategies for future growth.


The HubSpot Difference

With an endless amount of business software options, it's hard to find the right fit for your business.
You also need to look ahead and ensure you don't outgrow your software tools.
This is what sets HubSpot apart from the others.


HubSpot Helps You Grow Better

HubSpot stands tall in the world of enterprise software because it's designed to help you grow and to grow with you.

Pricing is structured conveniently in tiers, so you can upgrade as you grow to get more tools to continue driving results.


HubSpot Fosters Collaboration for All Teams

The platform is built to ensure everyone in your company has the ability to collaborate to create a frictionless customer experience.

Marketing, sales, and customer service support prospects throughout the buyer’s journey, using the same CRM to ensure data accuracy and smoother handoffs between teams.


HubSpot Supports Superior Customer Relationship Management

Current customers are your most overlooked asset. They’re not just an afterthought in your sales funnel anymore. They’re accelerants for your business.

Several HubSpot tools are built to help you leverage your existing customer relationships to earn more revenue through referrals, cross-sells, and upsells.


HubSpot Brings Inbound to Everything You Do

Customers don’t need sales pitches and cold calls to learn about solutions to their problems. They find solutions for themselves.

And with HubSpot’s tools, your company can embrace the inbound methodology, being human and helpful while delivering value to prospects and moving them through their buyer’s journey.

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HubSpot Simplifies All Your Processes

Too many companies are juggling various business software tools, and without proper integration, those systems fail to talk to each other.

HubSpot is the only true all-in-one solution that brings everything you need in one platform. Plus, it’s incredibly flexible and integrates seamlessly with hundreds of third-party applications.


Getting Started With HubSpot Platform: Common Challenges

Here are some of the most common obstacles people experience when they get started with HubSpot.

  • The first three to six months on a new enterprise software implementation impacts the future and potential for growth of the business. 
  • With the help of HubSpot Agency specialists, organizations avoid common pitfalls and shortchange themselves. A qualified onboarding team of HubSpot experts helps you get started the right way.

Legacy System Nostalgia

Change is hard for everyone. Some employees may miss legacy software for its familiarity, even though HubSpot is more streamlined and easier to use.

icon migration

Clumsy Website Migrations

Migrating your website to HubSpot requires expert guidance. It’s complex, and if it’s done wrong, you can damage your SEO and the user experience.


Botched Tool Integrations

When integrations are not properly executed, data and key information fall through the cracks, potentially hurting productivity and losing business.


Messy Contact Data Imports

When contacts aren’t imported properly into your CRM, you risk losing the customer information you need for driving sales and influencing new strategies.


Analytics & Reporting Confusion

Bad dashboard setups lose crucial performance data, leading to poor strategic decisions. Not using data-driven tactics slows revenue growth.


Failure to Properly Automate

Automation should save you time and money, not overcomplicate things. Without expert implementation, you can get lost in the weeds.

Understanding Your Destinations

RoI Acceleration Roadmap (AR)


Set the Technical Foundation.

Timeline: by the end of week 3

This is when your revenue team lays the foundation for your HubSpot account. Most of your time is spent gathering information your team needs and participating in the kickoff call.
During the kickoff call, you will:

  • Meet your dedicated team of marketers, designers, developers, copywriters, and strategists.
  • Establish your main points of contact and your internal approval process.
  • Finalized smart goals that set the path for your first big win.
  • Provide account information to your revenue team so they can set up all the boring technical stuff in your HubSpot portal.



Align Teams and Achieve Your First Win.

Timeline: by the end of week 8

After the technical setup is completed, your revenue team hits the ground running with strategy development and helps with executing key initiatives. An important part of driving revenue is aligning your internal sales and marketing teams.

Your strategist collaborates with your internal teams to assign accountability and establish a proper lead handoff process, which is outlined in a documented service level agreement (SLA). During weeks 4 through 8, your team also finalizes setup for each of your hubs, including:

  • The Marketing Hub
  • The Sales Hub
  • The Service Hub
  • The HubSpot CRM
  • The CMS Hub


Analyze and Optimize Your Strategies.

Timeline: by the end of week 10

For the last destination, your revenue team finalizes customer reporting dashboards and provides training on how to use them effectively. They also help your internal teams establish a reporting schedule to keep your strategies data driven.

Your strategist conducts your final portal audit, identifying other ways to use your tools to continue hitting your goals. Your free six month strategy outlines these opportunities.

  • Content marketing initiatives
  • Competitor analysis reports
  • Sales process recommendations
  • Customer experience process audit
  • Lead generation tactics
  • Pipeline management insights


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FAQs About the RoI Acceleration Roadmap (AR)

How much does the RoI Acceleration Roadmap (AR) cost?

The total cost is $4,000. You pay 25% to start, then 50% at the halfway point and 25% upon completion.


What do I need to provide during the program?

HubSpot account information, third-party application information (if applicable), technical information for successful HubSpot setup, feedback during consultation calls, and approvals throughout strategy development. We estimate this 10-week program will require nine hours of your time. We take care of the rest.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you’re able to cancel during the program.

Do you provide continued support?

Yes, we offer month-to-month commitments for services in digital marketing, sales enablement, and customer experience services.


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