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Who We Are

MapleSage isn't just a name; it's a narrative of vision, heritage, and innovation. From the bustling streets of New Delhi, where our founder's passion for technology and apparel was ignited, to the cutting-edge fashion scene of NYC, our story is one of relentless drive and transformative evolution. As commerce and technology students learning coding in languages Cobol, Fortran, C, and C++, we found our calling in the whir of machines and the artistry of textiles. Our journey through the apparel industry's global landscape—from MEXX to GAP and from the deserts of Dubai to the shores of Sri Lanka—has been as much about fabric as it has been about bytes and pixels.

Our Evolution

In the crucible of NYC's fashion innovation, our founder's entrepreneurial spirit took form, co-founding Michael H Jeans alongside fashion titans. Post the success of Michael H Jeans, the vision for technology-infused fashion materialized with K Denim and Killer Jeans Co., and later, the conception of iRetail—a revolutionary idea to propel retail into the online sphere with minimal costs and maximal efficiency.

The MapleSage Era

The downturn of '08 was a pivot, not a pitfall. It led to the successful pilot with KKCL in Mumbai, the birth of K-Jeans for the US market, and a foray into technology sales with industry giants. By 2019, MapleSage emerged, a HubSpot & AWS-certified agency now spearheading digital branding and serving the B2B segment. Our ambition is vast, straddling B2B and D2C fashion retail in the US and India, with sustainability as our guiding principle.

Our Core

MapleSage is woven from threads of expertise in technology, sales, marketing, and design. We're more than an inbound marketing agency—we're pioneers at the helm of SMEs' digital transformation. And our fabric is rich with the expertise of guiding global brands and leveraging the power of AR/VR, 3D, and the metaverse economy.

Sustainability and Innovation

Our roots in NYC's fashion innovation continue to feed into our ethos of eco-friendly practices, advanced water filtration, and a commitment to sustainable growth. We're not just adapting to the future; we're creating it, with initiatives like avatar CRM and virtual story-telling that connect B2B buyers to brands in the metaverse.

Our Vision Forward

With MapleSage, embark on a journey that celebrates a fusion of heritage, entrepreneurship, tech, and sustainability. Our unique global experience, vertical focus, and deep industry expertise make us the preferred partner for clients in our target segments. As we continue to learn and grow, our commitment remains steadfast—to be a beacon of innovation for brands navigating the evolving landscapes of fashion and digital realms.

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Our Core Values


We blend technology and fashion to redefine denim apparel and marketing, continuously seeking new ways to stay ahead in a dynamic industry.


We are committed to eco-friendly practices, implementing measures like our water-filtration system to reduce our environmental impact.


Our journey is deeply rooted in a rich history of apparel manufacturing and partnerships with iconic brands, shaping our commitment to quality and style.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Our founder's entrepreneurial drive has fueled our evolution from Michael H Jeans to K Denim and now MapleSage, always pushing the boundaries of possibility.

Digital Excellence

We excel in inbound marketing and advertising, leveraging technology to create digital brands that resonate with our audience.

Global Vision

With ambitions to serve both B2B and D2C segments across the United States and India, we embrace a global perspective, aiming to make a positive impact on a larger scale.

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