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Who We Are


Welcome to MapleSage, where our narrative unfolds as a seamless blend of vision, heritage, and innovation. Our journey began in the bustling streets of New Delhi, igniting a passion for technology and apparel that has since evolved into a dynamic force in the world of digital branding and sustainability.

Our Evolution

In the crucible of NYC's fashion innovation, our founder's entrepreneurial spirit took shape, co-founding Michael H Jeans and later venturing into technology-infused fashion with K Denim and Killer Jeans Co. The '08 downturn became a pivotal moment, leading to successful collaborations with KKCL in Mumbai, the launch of K-Jeans for the US market, and an exploration of technology sales with industry giants.

The MapleSage Era

By 2019, MapleSage emerged as a HubSpot & AWS-certified agency, positioned at the forefront of digital branding and B2B services. Our ambition spans B2B and D2C fashion retail in the US and India, with sustainability as our guiding principle.

Our Core

More than an inbound marketing agency, MapleSage is a holistic partner in SMEs' digital transformation, weaving together expertise in technology, sales, marketing, and design. Our roots in NYC's fashion innovation continue to influence our ethos, emphasizing eco-friendly practices, and a commitment to sustainable growth.

With a focus on HubSpot, AWS, and Shopify, we offer tailored solutions that transform lead generation, futureproof B2B & D2C presence, and unlock growth potential in 2024. Our inbound marketing and sales expertise revolutionize customer connections, while AWS cloud services empower businesses to innovate with agility and scalability.

Sustainability and Innovation

At MapleSage, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it's ingrained in our operations. Align your brand with the values of conscious consumers through our sustainability services, reducing environmental footprints and enhancing brand reputation.

Our unique global experience in the AFL Apparel, Footwear & Luxury industry allows us to deliver comprehensive solutions. Clients partnering with MapleSage have experienced a 30% increase in lead generation and a 25% boost in online sales, tangible results that underscore the effectiveness of our approach.

Our Vision Forward

Our mission at MapleSage is to be the leading innovator, guiding AFL brands through the dynamic worlds of fashion and digital realms. With expertise in HubSpot, AWS, and sustainability, we aim to create sustainable growth and be a beacon of innovation in the industry.

Take the first step with MapleSage to move from Presence To Profit! Contact us today and embark on a journey that transforms your business, futureproofs your presence, and embeds sustainability into every aspect.

From Presence To Profit!


Our Core Values


We blend technology and fashion to redefine denim apparel and marketing, continuously seeking new ways to stay ahead in a dynamic industry.


We are committed to eco-friendly practices, implementing measures like our water-filtration system to reduce our environmental impact.


Our journey is deeply rooted in a rich history of apparel manufacturing and partnerships with iconic brands, shaping our commitment to quality and style.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Our founder's entrepreneurial drive has fueled our evolution from Michael H Jeans to K Denim and now MapleSage, always pushing the boundaries of possibility.

Digital Excellence

We excel in inbound marketing and advertising, leveraging technology to create digital brands that resonate with our audience.

Global Vision

With ambitions to serve both B2B and D2C segments across the United States and India, we embrace a global perspective, aiming to make a positive impact on a larger scale.

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