Healthcare Marketing Strategy 

Healthcare & pharmaceutical marketing offers a great opportunity in the digital area thanks to two factors: on one hand, the high volume of information and health services which the users demand on the Internet; on the other, the reliability and confidence that only sanitary professionals can provide. And only with a good fidelity strategy will you be able to demonstrate that the users are not only important as patients, but also as customers. With a solid digital marketing strategy, not only will you succeed in positioning yourself as a reference in your sector, in order to gain visibility and business opportunities, you will also build long term relationships with your clients in order to increase its value in the long run.

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Healthcare Marketing
It’s no secret that the healthcare industry as a whole tends to lag behind other industries when it comes to marketing by about two years.
Between HIPAA compliance regulations that dictate how patient information is used and stored and FDA restrictions that put a microscope on how many healthcare organizations market their products, it can be scary to adapt to changing marketing trends in such a heavily regulated industry.
However, reaching and engaging today’s tech-savvy patients and physicians means digital marketing is no longer optional for hospitals/practices, insurance providers, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers or other organizations in the healthcare space.

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Pharmaceutical Marketing

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Pharmaceutical marketing is one of the most challenging in the health care sector. For two reasons: on one hand, the pharmaceutical sector deals with a pre-sale long product cycle and on the other, the communication and advertising channel are very restricted.
Due to this complexity, it is fundamental to rely on a pharmaceutical marketing expert.
At MapleSage we customize your pharmaceutical marketing strategy depending on whether you are aiming to target the final audience or the healthcare market; if you are willing to promote a mature product or a new launch; or if your aims are over-the-counter or prescription drugs.
Clinics and Healthcare Centers 
If your business is a niche inside the wide healthcare field, you cannot miss the digital channel opportunities.
Healthcare clinics, odontologists, esthetical surgery centers and other specialized healthcare centers have to take advantage of their concrete field of expertise in order to position themselves as references.
At MapleSage, the pharmaceutical marketing strategies for this kind of company includes the optimization of its digital ecosystem, to improve its positioning and gain visibility; online advertising campaigns using the channels where your target is and Lead Management strategies to build long lasting relationships with your potential customers.

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