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MapleSage is a B2B Inbound Marketing Agency based in NYC & Gurgaon, India.

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B2B Lead Generation

MapleSage is a full-service B2B Lead Generation HubSpot certified agency partner.

Inbound Flywheel

B2B lead generation in the online space can be challenging. There's no denying it. With numerous companies vying for the attention of a limited number of website visitors, the digital landscape is becoming increasingly crowded. Discover the most effective strategies in 2020 to generate inbound leads.

At MapleSage, we specialize in helping organizations generate highly qualified B2B leads, foster strong relationships, enhance buyer engagement, increase brand awareness, and create more opportunities. As a unique agency, we integrate marketing, technology, analytics, and design to achieve your business objectives. Our goal is to provide both strategy and execution for companies that want their marketing investment to drive business growth. We bridge the talent gap and act as the driving force behind your company's growth, enabling you to compete and succeed. With MapleSage, we can turn your digital vision into reality, generating leads, closing deals, growing revenue, and maximizing ROI. By applying proven inbound methodologies at each stage of the customer journey, from discovery to point of sale and beyond, we ensure a superior customer experience.

From the development and implementation of website design to the creation and distribution of top-notch content, we deliver purpose-built marketing solutions that drive leads and strengthen brand equity.


Sales & Marketing Strategy

SMART Marketing Goals

Effective sales & marketing efforts of course need to start with a good plan. To gain better positioning and acquire better leads, you have to take on strategies that focus on attracting new prospects to your company, engage with them at scale, and delight them individually while partnering with your sales and services teams to keep the flywheel spinning effectively and help the business grow.

We help you put together a strategy that guides every aspect of the sales & marketing execution work. Including but not limited to:

  • Buyer persona analysis
  • Buyer’s Journey discovery
  • Competitive Positioning Messaging
  • Go-to-market Plan
  • Channels & Partners strategy


Inbound Marketing Tactics

marketing automationOnce a marketing strategy is in place the next thing to do is to start implementing it, testing it and measuring its results. Most marketing strategies will require applying a combination of tactics.

The most common services that we implement for our clients are:

Inbound for e-Commerce

The business-to-business eCommerce market is big. In the U.S., it’s more than twice the size of online retail, in fact, and it’s poised to top $1.1 trillion in the next five years according to forecasts by Forrester Research.

What's better than acquiring one new customer?

It sounds like a trick question, but the answer isn't "acquiring two customers." It's actually retaining an existing customer.

Inbound for ecommerceWhile there's a certain allure that comes with capturing new customers, keeping customers coming back will continually result in a greater ROI -- and it costs 5-25X less.

But how do you create a customer retention strategy that keeps your current customers engaged and happy?

At MapleSage we adapt our actions and resources to the current position of your online sales platform. We adapt our strategies according to your requirements, whether you are looking to launch into a specific market, improve your conversion rate, or creating an action plan to optimize your marketing platform.

Account Based Marketing

Inbound marketing and ABM are, on the surface, a bit different in theory:

  • Inbound marketing primarily focuses on creating great content to bring prospects to you.
    • ABM puts the emphasis on individual prospects or existing accounts.

But they absolutely complement each other -- in fact, we use them in tandem. 

ABM adoption is rapidly accelerating and has gained fast acceptance in B2B,  marketers report that ABM helps them achieve three key goals: increased revenue, increased pipeline and higher quality leads.

account based marketing
  • Account selection
  • Insights (how to gain traction with specific accounts)
  • Content (specific for targeting the selected accounts)
  • Orchestration
  • Targeted delivery
  • Measurement and reporting

Branding & Design

In the inbound marketing age, branding refers to branding on the internet – and the internet moves pretty fast. Brands can be built up in an instant, and they can be destroyed just as quickly. 

blogs.maplesage.com-Baskin-Robbins-Stranger-Things-1030x519Your brand is your window to the world, it projects a complete vision of your business, not only to your potential clients, but also your existing client base. At MapleSage we will help you to improve and strengthen your corporate identity to give you the brand positioning that you are looking for.  

Whether you are looking to launch into a specific market, improve your conversion rate, or creating an action plan to optimize your marketing platform.  At MapleSage we adapt our strategies according to your requirements, help you with your digital vision. 

The process starts with discovery of your brand strategy and results in a set of deliverables that include naming, messaging, visual language and a "tone of voice”.


We design purposeful, result oriented, analytics-driven, growth engines using award-winning design methodology - Growth Driven Design . It combines Lean and Agile principles into a highly effective data-driven web design process.

Websites that gets "the job done" ! We can design it from scratch OR work on your existing website to improve it day by day. We believe that website design is an ongoing process that requires dedication to continuous improvement, but we also understand that you want to start with something good on "day1" - so we do both.

Growth driven design diagramCREATIVE 

We redefine and create your brand image, strengthening its visual impact and increasing its value and online presence. Our design team produces all types of graphic assets that a marketing activity might need. That includes web, print, advertisement, presentations, video and animations.

Implementation & Integration

MapleSage is consistently ranked #1 Hubspot Agency Partner for Banking & Insurance Industry. 

Implementation Puzzle We provide our customers whole 'Inbound Marketing Stack'. That includes all the parts of the technology that you would need in order to have an optimized customer acquisition machine.
That typically
 include building and maintaining the some or all of the following elements:

  • Marketing Automation
  • Website Development
  • CRM Setup & Integration
  • Sales Funnel Implementation
  • Sales Enablement

Web Analytics

What you do not measure you cannot improve. Analyze your business’ KPI and optimize your strategy.

web-analyticsWe will produce for you a dashboard that collects the most important KPIs that reflect the progress on your most important goals. This dashboard will be updated in real-time and accessible to you at any moment.
We will be working day by day on optimizing every step of your customer acquisition machine ("funnel"). We will present to you our insights and growth hacking ideas on a weekly and monthly basis, and we will continuously run experiments to validate the effectiveness of every marketing tactic that we implement. The result you should expect is continuous growth and improvement in every aspect that we target together.

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