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Revolutionizing data-driven fashion and luxury industries like never before!



Present Your Collection

Extend your brand with Digital Showrooms to beautifully display products and use Shoppable Line Sheets for easy global ordering.

Manage Orders

Streamline order approvals with our B2B Order Management System to free up time for business growth.
Wholesale Data at Your Fingertips 

Instant Access to Wholesale Insights

Track wholesale performance effortlessly with our Reporting & Analytics Tools to inform your decisions.


Transforming Shopping with AI

For Buyers

Browse MapleSage Brands at no cost

Retailers have the opportunity to sign up for a complimentary MapleSage retail account, providing you with a free retailer profile and exclusive access to engage with our directory of fashion brands spanning across four continents.

Become a MapleSage Retail Partner*

Are you a major department store or online retailer looking for advanced assortment planning tools? Join our exclusive group of MapleSage Retail Partners, which already includes renowned retailers.

*Paid subscription plan required


Brand MarketingCouture

Couture Lead Generation, Captivating Conversions: AI-Powered Prowess

Elevate Your Brand's Sartorial Seduction with AI-Driven Ingenuity


A quintessential 500% expansion in haute couture leads within 6 months (Vogue Insights, 2023)


A sensational 250% upswing in digital dalliance, enthralling your e-boutique (Runway Report, 2023)

AI-Powered Demand Generation Artistry: Seamlessly cultivate traffic, convert leads, and nurture your audience through our cutting-edge AI solutions. Harness predictive analytics, personalization, and forged connections to reign supreme in the fashion realm through human-AI synergy.

Fashion's Vibrant Reality Unveiled

Behind the Seams: An Immersive Journey

Immerse yourself in the captivating world where fashion's visionaries bring their artistry to life. Witness the frenzied energy of a bustling apparel buyer's domain and the high-stakes glamour of a runway photoshoot. Experience the seamless transition from concept to creation as dreams take flight on the catwalk, each ensemble a testament to passion, innovation, and uncompromising craftsmanship.

Meet some of our stellar partners!

Data-Driven Business Growth

Blending Heritage and Innovation to Unlock Digital Growth

fashion brands digital marketing combined with regular marketing, trade shows and moreMarketing

Igniting Brand Desire Through AI-Powered Fashion Marketing

At MapleSage, we harness AI to revolutionize fashion marketing. Our data-driven strategies engage showroomers and webroomers through compelling content and smart remarketing. We forge deep connections between your brand and audience, elevating the online experience to convert casual shoppers into devoted customers.

TechnologyIgniting Growth with AI DataDriven Fashion Tech Unlock seamless cloud synergy and business growth through our tailored integration of ShopiTechnology

Igniting Growth with AI & Data-Driven Fashion Tech

Unlock seamless cloud synergy and business growth through our tailored integration of Shopify and HubSpot. Automate tasks, sync data, track sales, and gain AI-powered insights on a centralized platform. Embrace efficiency, innovation, and elevated customer experiences with our cutting-edge Fashion Tech solutions.

Future of Sustainable Sourcing of Fashion Apparels, Footwears, Luxury productsSustainable Fashion

Pioneering Sustainable Fashion Sourcing

Revolutionize material and product procurement with our cutting-edge Digital Sourcing platform. Enhance efficiency, transparency, and sustainability by empowering suppliers to showcase ethical offerings while enabling fashion brands to discover responsibly-sourced materials seamlessly. Embrace conscious couture that harmonizes style and environmental stewardship.

“We appreciate the convenience of the drag and drop feature, which enables us to effortlessly incorporate new products and create landing pages without relying on technical assistance. This allows us to swiftly experiment with new offers and products.”
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Mery Beth
Vice President, DMM Better and Contemporary Sportswear

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