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Why MapleSage is the ultimate wholesale fashion powerhouse


    AI-Enhanced Solutions: Leveraging state-of-the-art, AI-powered technology, our wholesale platform innovatively streamlines operations.


    Stand out from the competition with Peerless Integration: Offering comprehensive ERP and API integrations for a seamless, real-time data exchange with your customers.


    Global Support: Offering unmatched global support, with on-site help at major events and 24/7 live agents from our worldwide offices.


  • Global Domination: Emerging as a frontrunner in the fashion B2B sector, with a rapidly expanding network of buyers and brands spanning three continents.

The ultimate tool to rock your wholesale game

Order management

Virtual showroom

On-the-go ordering 

Shoppable digital linesheets

Profile visit tracking

Business-driving analytics

Payments & financing

Seamless data integrations

Personalized support 

Retail connections & messaging


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Digital Showrooms

Fashion Digital Showrooms allow you to easily create a beautifully branded online shopping experience for your buyers, so you can sell 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

  • Make an impression with hi-res product images, engaging videos, and shoppable digital line sheets
  • Empower global buyers with 24/7 access to your collection, fostering stronger relationships and seamless order transactions
  • Unleash sales potential by enabling in-person order placements through MapleSage's dynamic iPad app


Line Sheet Software

Our Line sheet Software allows brands to create interactive shoppable line sheets that are always up-to-date and ready to share with buyers worldwide.

  • Effortlessly upload and update styles in bulk to create shoppable line sheets
  • Transform retailers' buying with an e-commerce-like shopping experience and Add to Cart functionality 
  • Give buyers real-time stock visibility by integrating your inventory management systems


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B2B Order Management

Our B2B Order Management tools offer a centralized platform for brands to receive, process, and track orders from various buyers.

  • Tailor product assortment and pricing, offer bulk discounts, negotiate terms for every order
  • Make order edits and approve buyer orders with just a few clicks, reducing the time dedicated to order creation from days to seconds
  • Instantly view the financial rollup of orders


Reporting & Analytics

Our Reporting and Analytics solution delivers unmatched insights and analytics into your brand's wholesale achievements, consumer preferences, and evolving market dynamics.

  • Harness the power of aggregated order information to pinpoint the most popular styles, regions, and customers, fueling your business's expansion.
  • Create tailored sales, production, and style reports effortlessly with a few simple clicks.
  • Achieve your sales goals by seamlessly generating allocation and budget reports for every order.


MapleSage partners with over all major ERPs and systems for a seamless user experience.